Why Accepting Divorce Can Save Your Marriage

Stop a Dovprce

When your spouse “drops the bomb” that he or she wants a divorce, how should you react? Accept it or FIGHT IT? If everyone is telling you to give up, but something within you just can’t bring yourself do it, your reaction might be…“I’m going to fight for our family”.  “I’m going to fight for […]

“I Want to Be Married, But Can’t Stop My Affair”

Can't stop my affair

I recenty received a question from a woman who asked “I was in an affair but I am now choosing my marriage. Something keeps dragging me back to my affair partner. How can I stop it?” It happens literally millions of times. Your marriage relationship gets to be empty and unfulfilling but you don’t really […]

Measure Your Divorce Potential: The 6 Key Risks [FREE SCALE]

Your Divorce Risk

Well, Valentine’s Day is behind us. For many couples, Valentine’s Day is a turning point. It’s a time to go “all in” or a time to get out. Some people seek to end the relationship before “V-day” to avoid humiliating their partner. Others choose to break up the relationship before February 14th because they can’t […]

Is it OK to talk to my wife about the pain she has caused in our family in her midlife crisis?

Ask Larry Bilotta

Paul’s Question for Larry… “Hi Larry I bought your course survive your wife’s midlife crisis about 10 months ago. I have noticed a subtle change in my wife. She is still a chaos kid, but not the complete nightmare she was. She is still extremely selfish, though I was just wondering as this eases, is […]

“I Know The Snap Line – I’M THERE.” (A message from a man at the end of his rope)

A look inside the mind of a leaving spouse

I received the following message from a man named Robert who has reached “The Snap Line”, the end of the rope. This man has requested that I re-post his message to be seen by other spouses in hopes that they will wake up and not wait until it’s too late to do something about their marriage struggles.

Read Robert’s message to get a perspective from a leaving spouse because if YOU are the one who wants to save the marriage, there’s a good chance this is exactly how your spouse feels right now…