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Larry Bilotta
Larry Bilotta
Stop Your Divorce Today – Without Your Spouses’ Participation Even After The Papers Have Been Filed

About Larry Bilotta:

Larry Bilotta has been teaching men and women how to restore their loveless marriages since 1995. Back in the 90’s, Larry was suffering MISERABLY in a loveless marriage. He needed a way to reduce the stress, anxiety and tension in his marriage. After 27 years of misery – he finally found it. Today, Larry and his wife are now happily married over 40 years…and they’re closer than ever.

Larry is one of the few marriage experts who actually transformed his OWN marriage and today, holds the key to bringing back a marriage from the brink of divorce.


  1. Hi Larry, I am a “chaos kid” but unlike those you describe, I cannot give up on my marriage. Was oldest in home, 4 siblings, with alcoholic father who verbally and physically abused my mom for 18 years until they finally divorced. Mom left Dad periodically, longest I ever attended same school was 3 years, went to 9 schools in junior high. Had 2 kids before marriage to present husband. Been married 36 years, had 3 kids with him. Every 9 or 10 years my husband has had an affair, first two were emotional, last in 2008 was sexual with younger co-worker (40), my husband’s 58, I’m 60. My first two children died during our first 11 years of marriage so I have put 3 kids I had with husband first. After reading your material I realize, other than financial security last ten years, neither of us met the other one’s primary needs. I cannot seem to let last physical affair go, but love and want to be with my husband. He does not blame her, even though she pursued him for several months, to the point of buying cell phones dedicated to just him and her talking to each other, giving him sex the day after he asked me for a divorce for three weeks, but then telling him no more sex until the divorce was final, and providing him with a rent-free house during our separation for four months after which we reconciled. When I tell him I want him to give me the respect, courtesy, and consideration he did her, he gets angry. He will not blame her for her part in the affair. He no longer works with her (he’s retired for health reasons) and they have cut all ties but I cannot seem to get over the hurt and cannot bring myself to trust him again. He attended two marriage counseling sessions with me, refused any more. Any input or suggestions you have would be deeply appreciated (we really cannot afford counseling). I have been on antidepressants for three years and feel they help. Why am I not a typical “chaos kid” who would probably have quit trying 21 years ago? Thank you, Julia

  2. Hi Julia,

    I read your message below. It got me thinking about sending you something to think about and help you to realize why you are here now.

    I want you to imagine a little boy and a little girl grow up in two separate homes. Each of their parents have emotional troubles they have never resolved and those troubles come out on the little boy in the little girl in many different ways, none of them good. The children might have been ignored by the parents they needed love from. The children could have been criticized, embarrassed, blamed even repeatedly abused physically or sexually. All of this cruelty happens to them behind closed doors and it’s all in degrees from not so bad to very bad.

    Now imagine that all of this abuse forms something we could call Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The little girl grows up to be the wonderful Dr. Jekyll who is a healer and very charismatic. She is loved by many and invited to events of different kinds. She meets Mr. Dr. Jekyll who is also a wonderful healer. They decide to get married. But there is a serious problem lurking behind the beautiful wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Jekyll does not know that within their two brains is a Mr. Hyde. Two Dr. Jekyll’s, and neither of them know there are two Mr. Hyde’sin their marriage.

    So they start their marriage and all seems well for a year or so but then these Mr. Hyde’s would knock out one of the Dr. Jekyll’s and attack the other with very little warning. One Mr. Hyde would attack and that would bring out the other Mr. Hyde. The two Mr. Hydes would lock on to each other and create a feeding frenzy of conflict, tension, blame, resentment. Once their energy was spent, but two Dr. Jekyll’s would come out again and long to be close to each other but both of them were scarred by the attacks of the two Mr. Hyde’s.

    Naturally, the two Dr. Jekylls would be cautious and careful about drawing near too the other, because they never knew when Mr. Hyde could attack.

    Mr. Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Dr. Jekyll struggled silently inside because their own Mr. Hyde’s would attack each of them. Their two Mr. Hyde’s would force them remember all the pain of their childhoods.

    For example, with specific painful memories, Mr. Hyde would torment Mr. Dr. Jekyll and convince him that it was Mrs. Dr. Jekyll who was the cause of all his suffering. Mr. Hyde then got Mr. Dr. Jekyll convinced that it was Mrs. Dr. Jekyll who was his problem and she should be attacked as quickly as possible. Mr. Dr. Jekyll did not know what was happening to him and so he gave himself over to Mr. Hyde to attack the woman he married.

    Mrs. Dr. Jekyll was going through the same nightmare. She also did not know she had a Mr. Hyde.

    What if there was a Mr. Hyde in you and Mr. Hyde in your husband that you didn’t know was even there? What if this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde analogy was actually what was really happening to you? It would explain why you do what you do. It would explain why you wrote that e-mail to me that you did.

    Yes, you use words like ” with alcoholic father who verbally and physically abused my mom “, and ” Had 2 kids before marriage to present husband ” and ” Every 9 or 10 years my husband has had an affair “, and ” I cannot seem to let last physical affair go “, and ” providing him with a rent-free house during our separation “, and ” He will not blame her for her part in the affair “, and ” cannot bring myself to trust him again”, and ” I have been on antidepressants for three years “, but what is really driving all of this behavior that you, Mrs. Dr. Jekyll, don’t even want to do and never wanted to do?

    What if you do have a Mr. Hyde you don’t even know is there?

    – Larry

  3. Dear Larry, I thank Almighty God for your existence. Did not have time to view the videos yet, but soon God be willing, however I somehow erased the first installment (day 1) of your 7 day email mini course. Please can you send resend me day #1. Thanking you so very much in advance. May God continue to bless you and your family. Until…

  4. Hi Larry! I met my husband on a christian dating site. We both traveled back and forth. We each had one daughter, after 2 years of courtship we got married. I moved to his city almost 8 hours away from my hometown, left my job after 7 years. After 7 months of marriage both our chaos kids came out. His chaos kid was and still is passive agressive, and emotionally, and physically controling. When we had a problem I did not want to discuss it, i did not know how..which resulted later in anger and screaming which made me not want to talk and then step outside to take a break…which made him hold me tight and squeeze me really hard until it hurt my ribs. I would cry and tell him “I can’t talk” I was sacred to. He was so desperate to learn what was going on and it resulted in him forcing me to talk by grabbing me and sitting me on the bed until I spoke..which I didn’t because I was numb. All of this reulted in both of us getting physically violent..I went to jail, he didn’t because he did more of the abuse in a emotional and physical abuse that didn’t leave marks…meaning he would grab me, pull me, choke me but let go when he started seeing that I could not breath , speak. Later in jail I found out that I wa s7 weeks pregnant. I got released we went to marriage counseling, famil counseling and took the series ove and Respect. In addition, I took mandatory Parenting and Anger mngmt. Our children then 8 and 9 saw all of this. Today I am a different person..I feel emotions but learned how to control my self, and deal with my problems. I now am the one who wants to make it work, on th eother hand he doesnt try anymore.
    Last Sunday I found a shirt with a semen look a like on the back of his new unused work shirt. He denied it got angry and said ” I never cheated, never have” I wished I did so you would leave me alone” Also said “eat dirt and die f*&%^n Bi&^*h! I cried all night and havent spoken to him since. I am i th emiddle of getting record expunged, finding a job and meeting with a family law lawyer this week to discuss possibly seperation. I’ve been watching your videos and find them useful for myself, since my husband does not want to discuss our marriage anymore.

  5. Hi Larry! I was going to sign up for “Give your marriage a second chance” but it’s booked.

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