Lisa’s Question For Larry…


I did NOT cheat on my husband, he is convinced I did. What do I do? I have been going through this for 5 years and I am so lost on what to do. Please I really need help ASAP!!!

Thank you,


Larry’s Answer:

Hi Lisa, thanks for your question.

Look at your husband’s first ten years of childhood and you’ll see that there was a parent who was highly insecure and highly suspicious.  That suspicion is built into his brain.  It more than likely has nothing to do with what you do or don’t do.  He has a program that says a woman cannot be trusted and all women do is lie.

The amazing part of this is, he has no idea that this brain instruction is there.  He cannot see it.  He can only see what the program tells him.  I cannot know this for sure, but from your email without knowing any additional information about your situation, he likely has a program imprinted in his brain from childhood that tells him something like “All women are liars.  You cannot trust them.”

All of us obey the programs of those first ten years and few of us can disagree with forceful messages that interpret real time events to match up with our first ten years.  If you want to learn more about this subject I call “Chaos Kids”, go to and you will find an internet radio series that might give you more insight into your situation and on Chaos Kids. Also, to the right of this blog there is a video titled “Why You Fight” which will further help to explain what the Chaos Kid phenomenon is all about.

Thanks again for your question Lisa, I hope this helps.