Jeffrey’s Question For Larry

Hi Larry,

I’m married for a month and a half year. My wife is from another country and we met at a library. Things seemed great and then she asked me personal questions in my life and I lied about some things out of shame.

We got into shoving matches and stuff and now she left home. She told me how shes fed up and she doesn’t love me anymore.  Now I’m at a loss there’s so much too tell that I want help with but I want this marriage to work and I don’t know what to say or do she seems to get madder at me and it hurts Larry like my soul is gone and I do believe we are chaos kids cuz of our rough pasts.

I believe that I can help her in school and be a better husband for her but she’s so hard to reach and ignores my calls a lot. So Larry what do I do is it too late? I don’t know but i love her more than anything how do I show her?  Thank you for your time I hope to hear from you soon before its even more too late.  🙁

Larry’s Answer To Jeffrey:

Hi Jeffrey,

I can see you are both chaos kids and now you realize that you are. Chaos kids are a unique brand of human being. Their brains contain a machine with many negative programs from their first 10 years. These programs can take all kinds of dark forms depending on the programmers who raise them. The problem is that we live in a world that says you are not your past, that your past means nothing and that you are free to choose. This is a complete lie.

But it is a lie that is being told still to this very day and everyone still believes it. That’s why when you were attracted to your wife in that library, who was from another country, and you lied about questions from your personal life, everything was going according to the chaos kid plan. As a chaos kid, you would not think about things such as the massive differences in culture and how they could impact the lives of your children and the fights you will have about where to live and what to do with your children when the two cultures clash. You would not think of anything except “I want to feel good now and this woman can make that happen.” That’s how it is with chaos kids.

You are not the ball of instruction that holds all of these terrible programs. You are a separate person with a mind, will, hopes, dreams and personality. The programs given to you in your first 10 years are here to control you and re-create your childhood. You wrote to me asking about your marriage, but marriage, the intimate relationship of life, can’t be held together with chaos kid programs. If you want to have a marriage, and a happy one at that, you first have to shut down the ball of instruction in your brain that can stop any happiness you wanted. I would encourage you to at least read my free e-mail mini-course titled “The 7 Secrets Of Eliminating Your Negative Feelings In 60 Seconds”. If you have not done so already, I’d encourage you to visit my other blog where you’ll find plenty of information on chaos kids here: The Fulfilled Couple Blog

I know what you’re going through because I went through 27 years of hell with my own wife Marsha. I’m a chaos kid raised by an alcoholic and a gambler so I understand.

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