Why Your Marriage Fell Apart & What You Can Do About It

  • Discover the actual cause of divorce – it has nothing to do with “falling out of love” and it’s true for EVERY couple.
  • The 3 things you absolutely need for a healthy marriage.
  • The 2 types of people that enter a midlife crisis (and why it doesn’t happen to everyone).
  • In a study conducted with 1,000 divorcing couples, the single thing EVERY couple had in common.

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Despite what many people think, Larry Bilotta’s students have proven again and again that it only takes ONE spouse to heal a marriage. After restoring his own formerly miserable marriage, Larry and his wife Marsha are happily married today over 40 years. But Larry’s approach to saving marriages is different than most marriage therapists or coaches.

Rather than focusing on changing behavior or outside events that happen around you, Larry helps you transform your inner emotional environment from anxious, fearful and stressed, to calm, secure and confident.


Very often when a spouse is at the end of their rope, they feel it’s too late and if you could have changed, you would have. They believe any attempts you make are just a temporary reaction to their request to divorce. For this reason, changes in behavior often BACKFIRE.


Every mistake you make in your marriage stems from your emotions. Fear causes you to say and do things you later regret. Once you change your inner environment, your spouse sees and feels the change when the two of you are in the same room and no one is saying a word.

Real, long-lasting change happens from within. Once you gain control over your emotions, amazing things start to happen in your marriage, emotional health and throughout every facet of your life.

Brian Patridge from Oregon

After suffering for decades with very severe depression, and a marriage headed for divorce, Brian explains a very different life today where he feels free, calm, content and happy.


I Know The Snap Line – I’M THERE. (A message from a man at the end of his rope)

I Know The Snap Line – I’M THERE. (A message from a man at the end of his rope)

I received the following message from a man named Robert who has reached “The Snap Line”, the end of the rope. This man has requested that I re-post his message to be seen by other spouses in hopes that they will wake up and not wait until it’s too late to do something about their marriage struggles.

Read Robert’s message to get a perspective from a leaving spouse because if YOU are the one who wants to save the marriage, there’s a good chance this is exactly how your spouse feels right now…

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How to Talk to a Spouse Going Through a Midlife Crisis

How to Talk to a Spouse Going Through a Midlife Crisis

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of questions about how to act around a spouse going through a midlife crisis.

* Should you ask questions about what he or she is going through?
* Should you talk to your spouse about getting some help?
* Should you avoid your spouse completely?

Here is best way to deal with a spouse going through a mid life crisis…

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