Nicole’s Question for Marsha…

“Marsha, My husband and I have been married for seven years, we dated for two years before marriage and we were the best of friends for five years before that. The first years of our relationship and marriage was awesome. The two of us connected in ways that you only see in cheesy Hollywood romances. I always felt like he was my guardian angel and he called me his muse and together we lived in our on alternate reality.

However, things have just gone steadily down hill. He has become angrier and more controlling-to the point of violence. I love my husband and I know that he loves me. I have left several times and went back. This past January I left and after much chaos, I have our children and we live in a separate town than him. At first we didn’t talk at all, then we did and now he says that he doesn’t want to hurt us anymore and is isolating himself from us and his mom and the world. Without him in my world I feel empty, without life-void even. I can’t breath. I hurt all over, literally. I feel as if I am a zombie and I just go through the motions of the day. Please help us. We both fight bi-polar disorders and the few times that he gets on the phone with me I can tell he is sinking further and further into depression. As for my children, they have had their world turned upside down. Once they were sweet innocent children who made good grades and left and played together, but now they fight and yell and I get letters home from school almost daily.

Please help us. I have been going to counseling but it doesn’t help. The children go but all they can think of is dad and how he is not a part of us anymore and on the rare occasion they see him it doesn’t seem like him. I try real hard to put on a front for them, but they see through me.

My husband and I truly love each other. Have you ever seen the movie Hancock with Will Smith? This is how I feel we are–irresistible drawn to each other, but a destructive force of nature together.”

Marsha’s Answer for Nicole…

“I believe the best chance for you to get some answers is to talk to my husband Larry. Would you and your husband or just you, be open to setting up a call with him?

If you are open to it, you can schedule a call with Larry for men here or for women here and he will be able to give you some great insight into your situation”