Environment Changer Program Success Stories

The following results are from real people who have saved their marriage or overcome specific problems in their marriage through Larry Bilotta’s Environment Changer program. (Some students enroll in the program for self improvement rather than marital reasons and several reviews will reflect this.)

These are 100% genuine comments that were copied directly from each individual’s email to Larry or recorded through our telephone hotline.  All of the following individuals have given us full consent to reproduce their comments on this site.

Brian Patridge from Portland, Oregon

Brian Patridge experienced a drastic change since being a part of the Environment Changer program. After suffering for decades with very severe depression, ending up in the hospital after a suicide attempt, today Brian explains a very different life where he feels free, calm, content and happy. Brian describes a life where everything works his way and where his marriage that was previously headed for divorce is now repaired.

Listen to Brian’s feedback about the EC program:

Tom and Karen from Raleigh, North Carolina

Tom and Karen had the odds stacked against them. For Tom, this was his second marriage and for Karen, it was her THIRD. As a couple, they invested thousands of dollars in marriage counseling, therapists and other programs only gain “a tiny bit of help on occasion”.

Listen to Tom’s feedback about the EC program:

Listen to Karen’s feedback about the EC program:

Mike from Montreal, Canada

Mike’s wife was adamant about divorce and she was ready and willing to move on. Because of this disturbing news, Mike was an emotional wreck and as a result, he pushed his wife even FURTHER away from him. Today, Mike’s wife is now talking about future plans in their life together, rather than preparing for her new life after divorce. In just 1 month, his wife has shifted her mind set from “it’s over”…to “give me some time to think things through”.

Listen to Mike’s feedback about the EC program:

Josh from Houston, Texas

Josh was separated from his wife for 6 months and discovered that she had filed for divorce. Today, Josh and his wife are now getting back together again as a married couple.

Listen to Josh’s feedback about the EC program:

Jill from California

Some students like Jill, enter the EC program for self improvement reasons, rather than marriage restoration. Jill was within moments of committing suicide after a childhood of abuse and an adulthood of painful memories and heavy medication.  After just the fourth call in the program, Jill remembers having an epiphany and waking up the next morning with hope, something she had lived her entire life without.

Listen to Jill’s feedback about the EC program:

Marco Pezutti from Australia

Some students like Marco, enter the EC program for self improvement reasons, in addition to marriage restoration, like Marco. In just 1 week, Marco no longer felt depressed and lost 6 1/2 lbs because of what he learned in the Environment Changer program.

Listen to Marco’s feedback about the EC program:

Carrie from Orange County, California
After just 2 years of marriage, Carrie felt miserable and unfulfilled – a shell of her former self. 5 prior to entering the program, Carrie was talking to divorce attorneys thinking that was her only option.

Today she is still married and once again feels a sense of confidence, joy, energy, faith and hope. But best of all, Carrie sees her husband becoming the kind of spouse she knew he could be – and he has not changed one bit.

Listen to Carrie’s feedback about the EC program:

Michelle from Long Beach, California

Michelle saw differences 4 weeks into the program with her husband. She saw him open up, respond to her and begin to trust her as he saw the calm, loving woman he married come back to him more and more each day. She has also implemented the tools of the program on her older teen who is now calmer, more open and loving with her and the family. She is seeing more healthy, normal moments with her teen, as she did years ago.

Listen to Michelle’s feedback about the EC program:

Sandra from Boston, Massachusetts

Sandra was introduced to the program by her brother who transformed his life after experiencing a nervous breakdown, the loss of his wife and 2 of his 3 children. Sandra enrolled in the program because she wanted freedom from her pain just like her brother experienced.

Listen to Sandra’s heartfelt story about how she transformed her life from being angry, hateful and against everyone to enjoying a new found freedom from her negative emotions where she enjoys waking up everyday, feeling like a new person. Sandra, her husband and children were once at the brink of severely breaking down, but today, they are finally at peace as a family.

Listen to Sandra’s feedback about the EC program:

Kim from Charlotte, North Carolina

Kim learned how to avoid getting sucked into the “matrix affect” of living off of negative feedback and victimization that goes hand in hand with divorce.

Listen to Kim’s feedback about the EC program:

Tony from Boston, Massachusetts

Tony had been going through a separation since his wife filed for divorce for the past two years. At first, he was skeptical of the program because it was unconventional. His goal was to help himself if he could not save the marriage.

Before the program, Tony was very nervous, anxious about his situation and apprehensive. Today, he is calm, secure in who he is, and very much more at ease in his situation. Tony states that he has been amazed at the comments his wife has made to him regarding how calm he is now and how at ease he is. As a result, his wife is now very confused instead of moving “full speed ahead” to end the divorce.

Listen to Tony’s feedback about the EC program:

Bill from Brookfield, Wisconsin

Bill learned that he first needed to make a change in himself, before he can positively impact his marriage.

Listen to Bill’s feedback about the EC program:

Elizabeth from Long Island, New York

Before Elizabeth began the Environment Changer program, she was filled with worry, anxiety and fear which led to intense pressure in her work and family life. In the past, she tried everything including books, online resources, therapy, talking to friends and family, but nothing helped her ease the incredible amount of stress and pressure she was going through.

Elizabeth says she knew she was an important person, but never truly believed it inside. After completing the Environment Changer program, she now feels free from her negative thoughts and feelings. As a result, her relationships are improving and her family sees it. Elizabeth now feels relaxed, less stressed and now loves who she is because she feels better inside.

Listen to Elizabeth’s feedback about the EC program:

Kathy from Clinton, Missouri

When Kathy from Clinton, Missouri enrolled in the Environment Changer program, she was in her words, “a complete mess” and all she could think about was the doomsday ahead and what a complete failure she was often ending up in tears crying out to God to fix her marriage.

Kathy knew her husband was “acting out”, but she couldn’t understand why. It was hard for her to smile and enjoy the simple things in life. After spending countless hours and dollars on other marriage programs, Kathy still found herself stuck in a hopeless state of mind.

Flash forward two months and now Kathy is genuinely happy “from the core of her heart” as she puts it. She feels there is a peace about her and she finally has hope and patience about her circumstances.

Kathy reminds herself daily about what is important and no longer lets her thoughts and negative feelings ruin her day. Kathy now has a purpose in her life because she can now control her feelings, attitude, beliefs and actions so that this is not a temporary change, but a permanent change in her lifestyle.

Listen to Kathy’s feedback about the EC program:

David from Cleveland, Ohio

After 15 years of marriage and a number of obstacles, David learned how his childhood programming had impacted his marriage. Before going through the program, his life was a “living hell” as he puts it and he had no control over his anger and emotions.

(In the recording, David references that he lives in “Perfect Country” while his wife lives in “Fun Country”. David is referencing two of the 4 kinds of people Larry defines in the Flag Page, one of the core tools of the Environment Changer program.)

Listen to David’s feedback about the EC program:

Renee from Orlando, Florida

Renee had been dealing with issues for the last 10 years of her 30 year marriage. After trying marriage counseling, Renee and her husband found that it failed on many attempts.

After a major crisis, Renee moved out of her home for a trial separation.  Through the teachings of the Environment Changer program, Renee has now found true joy which she believes to be priceless.

Listen to Renee’s feedback about the EC program:

Nico from New Orleans, Louisiana

Nico had experienced his first divorce and was on the verge of a second failed marriage. His second marriage was failing for similar reasons for the first, but he could not understand why he kept repeating the same patterns.

Nico sought out help from a marriage counselor without his wife for awhile, but nothing seemed to help him get out of the rut he was in. Nico says that Larry introduced him to a whole new perspective on his marriage problems that he never knew existed. Now that he has a deep understanding of what was happening in his marriage, Nico now has complete control over his emotions.

The resentment he once felt has now been replaced with love and understanding for what his wife has endured in her childhood and adult life. His self pity has been replaced with a feeling of self confidence in himself and a fresh perspective on life and how to live it well.

Listen to Nico’s feedback about the EC program:

Edith from Monsey, New York

Married for 13 years, Edith and her husband had come from previous marriages. She brought with her 3 children from her first relationship. Married life had been a roller coaster of ups and downs for Edith and her husband. Instead of pulling together in crisis, they pulled away from each other for many years to avoid fighting and yelling.

After reaching her breaking point, Edith suggested her husband move out of the house and she mentioned divorce. She suspected her husband of having an affair and came to the startling realization that he WAS in fact having an affair – for the past 3 years. Edith’s world as she knew it collapsed; she couldn’t eat or sleep for days, was constantly crying and feeling lonely, lost and overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions.

Edith believes that the Environment Changer program saved her life. Today she feels strong, confident and powerful; ready for any challenge. She has her faith in God and feels it is only uphill from here.

Listen to Edith’s feedback about the EC program:

Todd from San Jose, California

Todd now has the ability to control his emotions in not only his marriage, but also his professional life. He intends to now use this new found sense of focus to repair his marriage and give him confidence in his professional life as well. Todd believes this new ability to control his emotions will help him for the rest of his life.

Listen to Todd’s feedback about the EC program:

Elizabeth from Missouri

“I have received good help from my counselor tracking down childhood issues—but the Environment Changer way is much less complicated and direct.  It’s as if good counselors SORT OF know what is in the Environment Changer course—but they don’t know ALL of it.

Our marriage counselor recognized the evil going on but when I asked for a plan or strategy, he sadly said, “Until your husband starts talking and revealing truth to someone, there isn’t anything for you to do.”   But my stubborn self wasn’t going to quit, and I thank God I found this course.    Interestingly, the same counselor gave me Dan Allender’s book The Healing Path, the theme of which could be called “Don’t waste the pain.” Again, experienced counselor…kinda, sorta sees things, but not completely.

Over the past year, I have probably read 25 books and done 7 online courses, and have seen one counselor, one marriage counselor, and one wise pastor.  From them, I have been given pieces of what I have gotten out of this course—pieces I have put to good use—but this course has put the puzzle pieces together into something that makes sense to me.”

Ann from Georgia

“Hi Larry, Greetings…life is good…I have been happily living my EC life, creating all the things I wanted…New job. New body. New just about everything…like the song says “new attitude”!!!

If anyone would have told me how my life and marriage would look 20 months ago, I would have told them they were nuts. If I was told I could be who I am today, 12 months ago, I would have laughed even harder. And if I was told that my husband would be taking care of me with an injured knee, I would have said “That’s never gonna happen”.

But sure enough, this man who wanted to get rid of me 20 months ago, came to the doctor’s office for my first stressful orthopedic visit. He shows up and I’m full of pain meds and steroids. After the doctor visit I now had a knee brace, injections every 3 months and a cane when needed.

Then he took me to dinner and told how we have been really good together the last few weeks. WOW he realizes that the fog is lifting from his mind thanks to the internal work I’ve been doing on his behalf for the last few weeks. He has been speaking in sentences using words like “we”, “us” rather than me or you.

After dinner I ask him if he could get 2 things for me before he drives me home – dog food and fruit. What does he come back with? Both! But he also added that he put a special item in there for me.

He’s bursting with pride and says enthusiastically, “Check out the fruit!” I say thanks before looking & then I see it. A perfect RED pear….which he knows I love. My husband is amazing…for him, this is a gift of true friendship and unconditional love. He went out of his way to find this for me. Things like this are happening every week because I’ve become an Environment Changer and I know how to win back my man. It is so super exciting to be an Environment Changer because you can simply create anything you want…and sure enough, I am! Thanks so much Larry. Cheers.”

Tina from Ohio

“Hi Larry, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools to save my husband, turn my son around, and live a more loving, giving life.  Seeing the change in them is amazing.  I knew my husband needed me…I knew it deep in my soul when he left the first time.  What I didn’t know is how much I needed him to grow and change into this new man.

I used to be worried about the detachment I was starting to feel, like I didn’t care or “settling” for a man that would be closed off and unfaithful.  I now realize it’s me finally letting go of all that “stuff” and seeing him for the man he truly is…a man whose internal struggle is so great.  I will save him thanks to you.  His eyes sparkle more, he’s giving me compliments again and was creative in choosing a Christmas gift for me this year…first time in a long time.”

Charlotte from Springdale, Arkansas

In less than 6 weeks I have seen changes in all my relationships, especially my husband who has become positive, happier and contains a lot more sense of humor without any strategy with words.  The biggest difference is my own attitude and living the principles mapped out in the Environment Changer program. Once I took these ideas to heart, the positive effect was surprising and unexpected.

Our grown daughters started being more aware of their own feelings and my granddaughter (4) is reaping the benefits of a less-stressful house. My husband started writing himself back into the equation (he could make a difference) and comes around to help on the house or taking opportunities to take care of family in small ways.

The program has removed all my doubts that there is a lot more information to learn about living a positively fulfilling life. Understanding the Wave of Success and the intense effect shut down any negative thoughts before they could get a hold in my mind. If you have been affected in any way by anger, contempt, fear, self pity, anxiety or guilt in your life, this program can eliminate and replace these emotions with goodness, joy, love, hope and peace.

Scott Morin from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“I just wanted you to know exactly how right you were about my wife’s personality. You hit the nail on the head and woke me up to how blind I’ve been about what she’s needed from me. I feel her coming back to me slowly but it is happening. I’m doing a lot better in sticking to everything you’ve taught me.  I have far more control of my emotions than I ever have in my whole life because of your program. I’ve learned a lot more from you but these are the big things. I just wanted to share that with you.”

Dan Dinucci from Millford, Massachusetts

“Larry, you know that I’ve always been success and achievement oriented in everything except my marriage. Through your program I realized I must become successful there too, in fact, I should have all along. Your course is so totally in keeping with what I already believe, that I cannot change anyone, but everyone is influenced by the emotional condition I’m in. Through your course, you’ve given me a specific way to do that and now I’m able to live without all that anxiety, intensity and urgency that has stressed out me, my wife and our children for so long.”

Matt Gabhart from Wilmore, Kentucky

“I must admit that I’ve been in a haze for several years but it finally woke me up when my wife left me for another man. Your course literally made it possible for me to change the course of my life as a husband, as a man, a dad and even my career has taken a more confident turn.

What you teach I’ve not seen taught anywhere. For a guy like me with a short attention span, it needed to be simple, direct and something I could actually do, not just a bunch of theory. Your program is all that and so much more. I think every husband, struggling marriage or not, should take your course.”

Steve Hill from Edwards, Colorado

“As a real estate investor, I’ve always known that I need to stay in tune with what the market is doing, but I didn’t apply that principal to understanding what my own wife of 11 years needed and wanted from me.

I stayed away from the subject because so much of that self help stuff seems created for women. Yours is a man’s course. It was simple, easy to understand and very practical.

Your Environment Changer course makes so much common sense, I can actually apply it without forcing my wife to do anything. Your methods that I’ve adapted make me feel far more in control of where our marriage is going without me trying to control her. So glad I found your course Larry.  The stress relief is well worth it.”

Dave Poetzl from Fifield, Wisconsin

“My dad raised me to just work on things and that’s exactly what I did, but I didn’t understand people, especially women. By the time I found Larry Bilotta’s Environment Changer course, my wife had moved out.  In spite of that, I learned to be a happier, more upbeat man with more confidence that I could change the environment in myself and then in the people around me.

My only regret is that I should have found this earlier and avoided all this family stress and hardship, especially on our kids. I know there’s always a way and with a lot of damage in a marriage, that way takes time.”

Rich Persia from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

“I’m amazed with everything you’ve created … from the Flag page, to all your articles on the internet, to the 2 greatest needs of men and women, the secret path to divorce. I can see your program is perfect and it’s the path to a happy life for a man, and then a happy marriage. I hope one day to join you because we need more men doing the right thing for themselves and their wives.”

Keith Humphry from Spokane, Washington

“Marrying into a blended family was a shocking surprise for me. I had no idea what stress I was in for because I didn’t understand all that I must face. I should have found your Environment Changer Course long before I needed it.

Now that I understand how to eliminate my negative feelings in spite of circumstances in my tough situation, I can see that my wife is affected by the way I feel. That’s something every man should know. If guys don’t take your course, they will simply create the life their fathers created in their marriages. See Larry, I learned a lot in your course!”

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