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Help 1 million people end the cycle of generational family chaos by becoming the best version of themselves and mastering their emotions.

As the saying goes, “hurt people, hurt people”. By addressing the SOURCE of pain created through childhood abandonment, abuse, and neglect, we can change the course of our future, our children’s future and their children’s future.

We’re committed to providing men and women across the globe with logical, realistic tools to become a happy, whole person again. Join us in healing your marriage by healing yourself, first.

Larry Bilotta


Larry Bilotta

Larry is a relationship and marriage expert, author, and speaker specializing in midlife crisis, and the creator of a series of successful programs designed to help bring couples back from the brink of divorce — and come back stronger than before.

After suffering through 27 years of hell in his own marriage, in the 28th year he turned it all around. And you can, too.

For 20+ years, Larry has helped thousands around the world become the best version of themselves in spite of difficult obstacles like midlife crisis, infidelity, or an impending divorce.

Larry spent years studying psychology, spirituality, and the science of relationships, and explored countless methods, from traditional talk therapy to all manner of workshops — until he had a breakthrough that changed his life and transformed his marriage.

Larry and his wife remained married for 40 years, until her passing in 2019. Through live workshops, talks, and online courses, Larry continues to teach his common sense, accessible, and proven approach to surviving midlife crisis, saving your relationship, and changing your life.

The success of your marriage depends less on what might happen and far more on what already has.

Your marriage didn’t start having problems yesterday, last month, or even 20 years ago. It started long before — back when you were a child.

Our ideas, values, and beliefs were programmed into us early on, and they shape and influence our perspective, thoughts, feelings, behavior – even who we marry! Inside every unhappy marriage there’s childhood pain and history that triggers emotional mayhem in midlife. As adults, we carry this pain into marriage which sets us on a path for failure.

Your marriage could end in divorce — but it doesn’t have to.