How to Survive Your Spouse’s Midlife Crisis

Learn why a midlife crisis is not the end of your marriage in this self-guided online course.

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It’s as if everything changed overnight. In a midlife crisis, you’re not dealing with a normal man or woman anymore.

You’ve left the world of logical thinking and entered into the land of blaming, accusations, emotional, and physical chaos.

If you’re feeling stuck, empty and desperate, don’t lose hope just yet. This course offers real, practical insight and answers on what to expect, how long a midlife crisis can last, how to act around your partner, what to do and not do – and more.

Once you shift your perspective, your reality will change too.

With How to Survive Your Spouse’s Midlife Crisis, you’ll…

Gain New Hope

Learn how to better cope with your situation and understand what your spouse is going through. Once you understand what to expect, you’ll feel a sense relief when you no longer fear the unexpected.

Avoid Mistakes

With a partner in midlife crisis, your reaction can lead to more chaos and heartbreak or open communication. Learn to avoid common mistakes that will push your partner even further away.

Shift Your Mindset

Get a clear vision for your future, refocus and zero in on your goals. Get strategies of how to respond, act, and cope around your partner while dealing with their “monster”.

Who is this for?

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Should I share this with my partner?

99% of the time, the answer is no. Chaos Kids in a midlife crisis are rarely open to new ideas, especially ideas that come from you. Chaos Kids refuse to accept responsibility or admit that they are wrong. In fact, just the opposite is true.

If you approach your partner with this information, they will tell you that YOU are the one who needs help and that you should “go fix yourself” because you are the cause of problems in the marriage.

The rare exception would be if your partner has long been going through a midlife crisis and has finally seen the damage inflicted on the family. At this point, they may be ready to learn, but most of the time, it is best to keep this to yourself for now.

What if it's already too late?

Your partner’s hurtful words and anger is based on pain from their childhood. Unfortunately, they don’t recognize this and their anger is directed at you. YOU are now the enemy.

For this reason, don’t put importance on what your partner says to you because their emotions will vary wildly from one day to the next. One day, they want a divorce, the next, they’re not sure. Nothing is permanent in a midlife crisis – even divorce papers. Focusing your efforts on on coping with the crisis, maintaining your own mental health, and that of your children will go a long way toward a better future for your family.

Is anything shipped to me?

We respect your privacy and understand discretion is important to you right now. The materials in this course are sent to you by email. Under no condition, will anything be shipped to your home – now or into the future.

How do I access the course?

Once your order is processed, you’ll be redirected to a private page with all of your materials. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the materials so you can access it at any time. Access to this course does not expire, so take all the time you need to complete it.

What is the difference between this course and the Environment Changer Course?

The Environment Changer course is a comprehensive solution that shows you HOW to win your partner’s heart back, shut off your negative thoughts, and become a better, happier and more fulfilled person overall.

Think of it this way:

  • If you want to learn WHAT a midlife crisis is, how long it will last, how to act around your partner and you are interested in midlife crisis specific information, the midlife crisis course will help you learn how to cope with the crisis and weather the storm.
  • If you want to learn HOW to shorten your partner’s midlife crisis, and build a stronger, deeper love than before, the Environment Changer course is the right course for you.
  • Additionally, this course includes a live support options where you can ask Larry Bilotta questions each week and participate in a private community of like-minded people. The EC course is focused on a solution to midlife crisis vs detailing what a midlife crisis is, what to expect, etc.

If you still have questions, contact us at 262-397-8766.


2-hr Coaching call audio

Get tips & advice to attract your partner back and de-escalate the situation.

You could lose your spouse to a midlife crisis

Avoid common mistakes that prevent your efforts from backfiring.

When will s/he wake up?

Use this tool to predict when your partner will wake up from their midlife crisis based on 8 key factors.

Do's & don'ts cheat sheet

Learn what behaviors to focus on and what to avoid.

“Everything in the course is exactly on point with what I am dealing with. This course helped me gain control of myself even through many, many dark times. He has slowly let go of some of his anger towards me, and seems a little more in control of himself. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with the hardest period in my entire life.”

Megan Peterson

St. Louis, Missouri

Most people make the same mistakes that create pressure and push their partner further away.

How to Survive Your Spouse’s Midlife Crisis Acts As Your Compass to a Brighter Future as a Family

For over 20 years, Larry Bilotta has conducted interviews with men and women whose marriage was failing. He has studied patterns on what works – and what doesn’t.

We’ve compiled decades of research into a self-guided curriculum that gives you a roadmap and helps you navigate this crisis and gain peace of mind – regardless of what your partner does or says.

Often, you “can’t see the forest for the trees.” If you’re looking to simplify your situation and learn how to navigate these murky waters, this $97 course is for you.