It only takes one person to heal a marriage

Fixing your marriage begins with healing yourself, first.

Become the BEST version of yourself & get your emotions under control

Are you worried it’s already too late to save your marriage? Like there’s no point in trying? Trying to save your marriage on your own isn’t easy. With pressure from others telling you to move on, it might be tempting to give up hope.

But with the right plan, you don’t need to. For 20+ years, Larry Bilotta has helped men and women reconnect with their spouse and minimize the chaos in their marriage.

Restore your relationship by becoming the person you were meant to be.


Get your emotions under control and effortlessly exude a sense of calm, peace and confidence.

feel calm, confident & at peace

Break free from the dependence on others to make you happy.

become content & genuinely happy

Without a doubt, thoughts create reality. Shift your mindset to create the life you’ve always wanted.

create the life you deserve

Avoid falling back into old habits by removing toxic beliefs and pain from  childhood.

overcome past childhood pain

Feel self-assured about your identity and who you want to be as an individual, spouse, and parent.

find your true self

Heal your family and grow old together. Emotionally secure your children and break the cycle of chaos.

save your family

It’s not too late if YOU haven’t given up hope!

20+ years helping tens of thousands of people save their sanity, marriages and regain control over their own lives and mindset.

Learn to reconnect with the love of your life again, even in the face of “the monster”.

If you’re not sure who your spouse is anymore, book a marriage strategy session to make sense of the chaos and create a plan to start moving in the right direction.

This is not your fault, but it is your journey. Take charge of it and create a life that brings you happiness.

Three simple steps to get you started – and keep you building positive momentum in your marriage.

Marriage Strategy session

book a marriage strategy session with a coach

Talk with a coach about your situation and build a plan to heal your marriage.

course curriculum

learn to become an environment changer

An 8-week course to help you become the best version of yourself. Weekly calls held by Larry Bilotta support offer inspiration and answer your questions throughout your journey.


get support through our online community

Get support and encouragement through our private online community of men or women all working together toward similar goals.


What students are saying about the Environment Changer Course

“When I signed up for the Environment Changer course, I felt really lost and hopeless. Since then, my husband is connecting with our kids and seems to be feeling better and acting less angry.

He is kind to me and even spoke with me about our relationship for the first time in 14 months. He said he spent the past year exploring and is feeling better and wants to be a better father and husband. He said he loves me. If I didn’t find you and EC we wouldn’t be moving in a positive direction.

I’ve discovered things about myself that will come to serve me and my relationship with our children well. I didn’t think this was possible last year. You made a huge difference in our lives and I can’t thank you enough.”

– Sara R.

“I wanted to say thank you for all that you do. You have helped me to gain a part of the vision for my marriage and I’m seeing that my wife is enjoying confiding in me more and more. I have confirmation of that in her own words. She told me that she is telling me things now that she never would have months ago.

The other day she even gave a hint that she will move back home. I am so thankful for finding you and this incredible group of guys who love to hear the truth and live the truth.

So many good things are happening in so many ways, it’s just downright ridiculous.”

– Jon O.

The Environment Changer course is lifesaving.

“The modules are informative and helped to inspire hope. The calls are wonderful.

I am so grateful for this program and the way it is helping me shape my future. Although I’ve always understood where my deep issues came from, I am learning why my childhood impacted me so much as well as learning more deeply how that has affected my role as a wife.

Even more than that, I am learning how I can change the trajectory of my life, namely, how I approach situations that come up. I’m learning how not to let things and people determine how I feel and how I react. I am getting away from being a pinball.”

– Sandra B.

“Your Environment Changer course makes so much common sense, I can actually apply it without forcing my wife to do anything. Your methods that I’ve adapted make me feel far more in control of where our marriage is going without me trying to control her. So glad I found your course Larry.  The stress relief is well worth it.”

– Steve H.

“I just wanted you to know exactly how right you were about my wife’s personality. You hit the nail on the head and woke me up to how blind I’ve been about what she’s needed from me.

I feel her coming back to me slowly but it is happening.

I’m doing a lot better in sticking to everything you’ve taught me. I have far more control of my emotions than I ever have in my whole life because of your program. I’ve learned a lot more from you but these are the big things. I just wanted to share that with you.”

– Scott M.

Your course is the best thing that ever happened to me.

“My husband told me he wanted to change his life in a positive way because he doesn’t like how things went the last few years. He’s taken care of all the finances and anything that needs to be done in the house. I know I all created this.

I want to thank you for everything you thought me in the EC course. It surely changed my life. Everything you thought me about energy was life changing for me and I’m so grateful this happened and that you brought me on my path of finding my true amazing self.

Thank you again dear Larry. I keep listening to your calls when possible, course materials and summaries to keep me on track. Your course is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

– Victora R.

The learner and the non-learner

It’s a common belief that BOTH spouses need to participate to save a marriage.

In every marriage, there is a learner and a “non-learner”. The spouse who wants to save the marriage is a “fixer” who refuses to give up on the marriage. The non-learner often comes from a difficult childhood and carries a greater amount of pain. They’re also the first to call it quits.

Which person are you?

If a “heal yourself first, then heal your marriage” approach makes sense to you, we might be able to help you.

To be sure, schedule a complementary marriage strategy call with Larry Bilotta or one of his coaches. By the end of the call, you’ll have an idea if this is the answer you’ve been looking for – or if it’s not the right fit.

Either way, you’ll get a MUCH better understanding of your situation and how to transform your marriage.

Larry Bilotta

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