Why Accepting Divorce Can Save Your Marriage

When your spouse “drops the bomb” that he or she wants a divorce, how should you react? Accept it or FIGHT IT? If everyone is telling you to give up, but something within you just can’t bring yourself do it, your reaction might be…“I’m going to fight for our family”. ...

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What Every Man Needs Know About His Wife

Today we’ll be covering what every man needs know about his wife. Women and Financial Security: Need #1 All by themselves, American women alone are the largest economy in the world, ahead of the second largest economy in the world…the nation of Japan. Women enjoy...

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I Know The Snap Line – I’M THERE. (A message from a man at the end of his rope)

I received the following message from a man named Robert who has reached “The Snap Line”, the end of the rope. This man has requested that I re-post his message to be seen by other spouses in hopes that they will wake up and not wait until it’s too late to do something about their marriage struggles.

Read Robert’s message to get a perspective from a leaving spouse because if YOU are the one who wants to save the marriage, there’s a good chance this is exactly how your spouse feels right now…

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