Win Your Wife’s Heart Back Without Her Participation
If you’re interested in learning more about Larry Bilotta’s approach in saving marriages, you’re in the right place.

What is The Environment Changer Course?

Marriage Authority Larry Bilotta Married Over 40 Years
An in-depth, COACHING & MENTORING SUPPORT SYSTEM, where I will teach you the proven method to stop the divorce process, win your wife’s heart AGAIN, and turn yourself into the most desirable man in her eyes.

You will learn to eliminate your negative emotions the moment they appear so you can overcome the pain of rejection and get rid of bad feelings between you and your wife.

Step by step, you will begin to build momentum and gain confidence in your ability to save your marriage and rebuild the life you’ve always imagined with your family. Within 3 weeks, you’ll have all of the elements in place (The Flag Page, The Invisible Lifestyle, The EC Action Plan and so much more).

Attract Your Wife Like No Other Man. Live the Life You’ve Always Imagined.


  • Find and Remove the HIDDEN INTERNAL BARRIERS Holding You Back – Identify and eliminate the negative values and beliefs from your childhood that cause you to fall back into the same old patterns.
  • Learn How To BE THE MAN SHE WANTS – Eliminate your bad feelings and end your struggle with anxiety, fear, stress, anger, resentment and worry once and for all.
  • Build Your PATH FORWARD – Learn to attract what and who you want in your life and build upon your personal and relationship successes.
This logical, step by step coaching program unlocks access to TRAINING VIDEOS and materials that teach you how to put together each element of the Environment Changer System.
You will be enrolled in the men’s PRIVATE SKYPE CHAT GROUP which puts you in an environment with other successful Environment Changers who will reinforce this new approach to your life and marriage.
You’ll join me on my WEEKLY COACHING CALLS to make sure you stay on track and are always 100% clear on what to do next.

What about the investment? The home study course version of the Environment Changer course starts at $997 (this can be split into 2 payments) and we have higher levels of support for those who need it.

The EC course shows you step-by-step, how to wipe out your old obstacles and connect with your wife on an even deeper level than before. In fact, rather than planning a divorce, in a matter of months, your wife could be planning your next vacation together.

…..What’s it worth to save your family from the heartbreak and pain of divorce?

Your Plan For Winning Your Wife’s Heart Again

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What’s included?

  • MODULE 1: Becoming The Man You Are At Heart
  • MODULE  2: Find and Remove Hidden Internal Barriers
  • MODULE 3: Eliminating Your Bad Feelings
  • MODULE 4: Achieving Emotional Freedom From Pain and Rejection
  • MODULE 5: The Accountability Action Plan
  • MODULE 6: Attracting What You Want, Not What You Don’t
  • MODULE 7: Transitioning From Powerless To Powerful
  • MODULE 8: Taking Your Success To The Next Level
  • Private Skype Group For Personalized Mentorship
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
If you’re ready to get a plan in your life to win your wife’s heart AGAIN, sign up for your free Strategy Session to find out if you’re ready to become an Environment Changer.