Editorial Reviews

“After picking up this book, I couldn’t set it down. I finally have a better understanding of who I am.”
— Tina Arciszewski – Book keeping Manager

“After trying many other methods, I’ve finally a book that shows me HOW to change my reactions to negative events!”
— Susan Dutton Freund – Strategic Planning Consultant

“Reading this book helped me create a new image of myself. I now have an even temperament in most situations.”
— Lana Meyer – Director of Professional Development

“The ideas in this book have changed my life! I’ve stopped living in fear of what others think of me!”
— Monica Hellweg – Mom and Homemaker

“While many authors’ advice is based on changing what’s wrong with you, this book focuses on what’s right about you.”
— Diane Brierly – Elementary school teacher

101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life

101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life

Larry Bilotta co-authored the book, “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life” with 100 other top self improvement experts including Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and Dennis Waitley.

It is in this book that these experts joined together to provide 101 “easily digestible”, tips you can use to make your life the success story you want it to be.

101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life

Balance Magazine

Published in Spring 2010, Balance Magazine featured Larry Bilotta’s article titled “Sabotaging Your Relationships: Do You Know You’re Doing It?”